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A buyers guide for the car lovers – Auto Tuners/ Audio Video Toronto

So you have your car, and you really want to customize it to fit you style. The only problem is, you don’t know where to start looking, what to ask, or if it’s even a good idea for your car. All you know, is that you really want your baby to look good. Well! Luckily for you, we have created a buyers guide, to help point you to the right direction, and put your mind at ease!

Things to take into consideration:

How do I want my car to look? How much am I willing to spend? Will this be worth my time effort and money? What kind of statement an I trying to make?

Questions for the specialists

Are you the one that will be creating the design? Are you going to be the one who does all of the work on my car, or will you be using multiple hands? Will there be a difference in costs for these extra hands? How does your billing process work? Can I see a portfolio of your work? What brands should I use on my car to make the most out of my car? How hard is it to maintain these parts? How much will it cost to maintain these parts? Will you be able to adjust the price to work on my car if its out of my budget? How long will it take before my cars ready?

Some food for thought

Some times working with car specialists, they will try and squeeze more money out of you be recommending services you may not need. So its not a bad idea to do a little bit of homework on your car, so that you can avoid unnecessary costs. Chances are, once they get the hint that you know what your talking about, they’ll more or less make it easy on the both of you, and just give you what your looking for.

Usually the person your talking to, is the one doing the work on your car. So try to establish a bond with that person. Almost as if you know him or her already. Chances are if they like you enough, they will try and go the extra mile for you, to assure that you keep coming back, and that you send all of your friends to them.

Henriques Kyle Levy Project Alpha Lifestyle, Master consultant