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Audio to Text conversion is useful for providing an alternative medium for target audiences that are not able to digest the recorded audio. People with hearing disabilities are the marjor users for this audio to text conversion.

Other cases involves audience that are non-native speakers of the recorded mediums language. Nowadays, most users require audio to be converted to text for posting in their websites. This allows search engines to index the material and return the results in search engine pages. This increases web site traffic.

Tips on how to convert Audio to Text:

1. Use Good audio.
If you are doing the recording, try getting it done in a quiet space. Never do an interview in a cafe! The ambient sounds will kill your accuracy! If you must, do it inside your car with the windows up!

2. Use Digital Voice recorders.

The quality improvements are amazing! Best of all, most DVR now supports saving the audio in common formats like mp3 and WMA (windows media). I like using olympia recorders. You can check out digital voice recorder here. The MP3 and WMA formats use compression technology to make the file size smaller compared to CD format.

3. Enhancing Audio.
Lets face it. Not all of your audio will have clear audio quality sounds. You may have to enhance it by processing it thru noise filters, amplifying some sgements, or equalizing sounds to get better auido quality. In this scenario, I recommend using WavePad sound editor from NCH.

4. Try audio to text software.
Try Dragon Speaking naturally from Nuance. The downside is that it needs a bit of training for it to work. You still need to do manual editing afterwards, but if you train correctly, you should get 85% accuracy or even higher!

5. Do it manually with aids.
You need a good audio player with stop, rewind and fastforward features. I recommend using NCHs express scribe. Express scribe also supports foot pedals so you can use your feet to do the audio rewind, fast forward, stop and start functions!

6. Increase your typing speed.
If you want to increase your typing speed, check out Mavis Beacon Typing software!

7. Review, review, review.
You need to go back and review it at least 2 times to get better accuracy. You will be surprised by the amount of improvements you can make to the audio to text conversion.

8. Use Software Tools!
Microsoft Words spelling checker tool also checks for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Another nifty tool is the Find and Replace feature. You can use this to remove double spaces and convert them into single space.

9. Use a common style
Check out Transcription Style rules to find out the industry standard in transcribing audio to text.

10. Use search engines!
Some key terms need to be researched and confirmed. Use the power of the internet. Google it! (or bing.com!)

These tips are by no means all inclusive. Id love to hear from you. If you have tips of your own, please share them and the community will thank you for it!

Nowadays, many people will have the question about downloaded online FLV. Why can some FLV converters not recognize them for extracting audio? Why are these FLV files recognized as invalid files? Actually, now the online video-sharing web sites especially YouTube start accepting all types of Adobe FLV files including encoding with H264, H.263, VP6, VP6 alpha and so on.

Know more about F4V:
For FLV encoded with H.264 is a new type. Currently some FLV converters do not support this type of FLV input. Thus this results in failing to input downloaded FLV into some converters. This type of FLV is also called F4V. Generally it is also called HD FLV which owns better video quality compared with other types of FLV files.

How to extract the audio from F4V? It is not difficult as long as you choose an FLV converter that can accept F4V for extracting audio. FLV to Video Converter Pro 2 is just this kind of program. It can convert FLV including F4V to other video formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP and more. In addition, if you want to get the beautiful music from F4V, it can help extract audio to MP3, M4A, WMA and AAC.

Know more about these audio formats:
It is most popular audio format currently. Generally it can be put into most portable devices due to its smaller size and better music quality. It is easy to download and send through the Internet.

It is short for MPEG-4 Audio file which uses MPEG-4 audio compression. This kind of audio format use the same compression as an MP4 video file but no a video track. It is always known as Apple Lossless, Apple Lossless Encoder, or ALE. It is a new codec designed to provide lossless encoding in less storage space. Not all the programs can open it except for Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player.

It is developed by Microsoft. The full name is Windows Media Audio. Apart from Windows Media Player, it can be played using RealPlayer, Winamp, Zune, ALLPlayer and MPlayer.

The full name of this audio format is Advanced Audio Coding. AAC is well-known as the default audio format of Apples iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and the format used for all iTunes Store audio. From the advertising word of Apple Company for this audio format, small files and large sounds, you can see its advantage compared with other audio formats.

The simple steps to extract audio from F4V:

Download and install FLV to Video Converter Pro 2. Run to see the main interface.

Import F4V into the software via clicking Add FLV icon.
The program firstly will prompt that you are importing F4V and you need to convert and save it as a traditional FLV. Click OK to continue. Then the F4V will be input successfully.

Configure the output settings.
Choose the output folder in Export to box and specify the output audio formats including MP3, M4A, WMA and AAC.

Start extracting audio from F4V.
Click Convert tab and hit start to begin extracting audio from F4V. You can find the output audio files on your specified folder after it finishes encoding. Now enjoy it.

Car audio” is a term that refers no doubt to the sound system in your ride, be it a van, car, or truck. To some people, car audio is very much part and parcel of their car as a whole. Some even try to make a casual estimate of the car’s worth by checking out the specifications, features and company of the car audio. Some cars have stock car audios designed for the vehicle by high-quality makers while some prefer to have specially built car audios, i.e. any audio system simply won’t do if it is not from a car audio of the company they have come to trust through the years. Behind any auto audio system are the acknowledged essentials, namely: a radio/FM, and a CD/DVD player. Such a system is nowadays expected no less to be able to support widely used formats such as MP3, WMA, CDA, etc. Up to date car audios also boast of catering to USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity fans.

A good car audio is known as the default and the through-and-through solution when it comes to dealing with the staples of fatigue and boredom which go hand in hand with long-haul trips. When you have a good and trusty car audio with you, time simply flies, and is at best, some sort of distraction. A versatile car audio can be counted on when users want to stay wired to the latest headlines, events and traffic updates as well as their favorite programs on the radio.

These days, the car audio market is in the middle of shifty ground when it comes to quality and demand. Technological boosts and advances in the car audio segment not only lead to the better quality of even off-the-shelf car audios, but also eventually mean considerable leaps in the volume of car audios sold. A competitive crowd of players are now out in the market and all struggling to get the most attention by touting high quality playback and enhanced bells and whistles.

Discerning audio lovers nowadays try to get the best possible value-for-money in-car entertainment. High end audio equipment–with makers like Blaupunkt, Sony, Alpine, Pioneer and Kenwood–sure to meet the demands of the strictest audiophiles helps the various competing brands to stay razor-sharp and keeps the market stocked with quality.

So do you have the car audio unit all cut out in your mind? Is it equipped with basic speakers and signal processing equipment, or is something in you screaming to still go for extra speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and tweeters? As the features-wars continue, company-makers also thrown into the package perks like amplifiers and speakers to their car audio kits. But how do you know if you got in front of you a good quality car audio? Check and double check that it must be able to play unwavering and skip-free tracks while the car is on the go. Let’s face it, these lives and times are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a car audio system from the myriad of options available, whether online or just around the corner. But always keep in mind to steer clear of buying unbranded and substandard car audios that will pile up problems and costs on you much later on.

If music is your favorite part of entertainment that you often use to brighten up your day, you might have the urge to stay keep up with the latest song of your favorite musicians. Some of the method to be keep up dated with the current development is by downloading the music files through the internet. This easiness makes it possible to us to enjoy new songs only in a few seconds. You can download the music file for free or pay some cost, but still it will be more convenient than hunting through music stores.

This convenience, however still has a problem that will enable you to enjoy your fresh downloaded music at least until you have found the solution. Some files are not available in the file format that supported by your ipod and it makes you unable to open the music files. audio converter will be the way out of this problem easily.

The following simple steps will show you how to convert audio to mp3. Step 1: Free download audio to MP3 Converter, install and run this software. Then you come into the main menu

Step 2: Clicking -Add- button or directly drag-drop protected audio files. Alternatively, you can click “File -> Add Media Files…” to add audio files. Note: this software support batch audio to MP3 conversion, so that you do not need add you audio files one by one if you want to convert many audio format files. I really appreciate this convenient function.

Step 3: click the “Setting” button, to select the output format. choose MP3 format (*.mp3), also you can custom the music. if you do not want to convert into MP3 files ,you can select from this menu

Step 4: after you finished all of this settings. Click the -Start- button to start converting audio to MP3.

When the conversion finished, you can enjoy audio files your ipod.

Tips: after used this music converter software for times, I find out that: this convert software support convert many audio format .such as, WMA to MP3, M4P to WMA, M4P to M4A-..and so on. Therefore chose this software to convert audio format is a suitable choice.