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Ever since God handed down the 10 Commandments to Moses, believers and followers of Christ have shared the teachings that are now immortalized in the Old Testament and New Testament. Throughout the last 3400 years, the story of how the Bible has been brought from culture after culture has been a very interesting one. It’s one that has been shaped by powerful Kings and Queens, Popes and bishops, war and peace – and especially the onslaught of many new technologies, including the printing press.

Before 400 AD, the Bible was only written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Although by 500 AD it had been translated into over 500 languages, the only official language used by the Church was Latin. This made learning the Bible quite difficult for people who did not understand Latin or have the means to learn it. In 995 AD, the first Anglo-Saxon translation was produced of the New Testament, but it took until 1455 AD before the whole book was mass-produced on a printing press, and another 80 years before the first complete Bible was printed in English.

Almost 500 years later, the Bible is still going through many different transformations. there are now recorded Audio Bibles available and it is even possible to download the entire NIV online Bible. Although it is the most translated book in the world, there are still people who do not have the means or opportunity to read it.The Audio Bible provides a solution to this. Most of the people are those that live in 2nd and 3rd world countries in Africa and South America. To help make sure those cultures can experience the Word of Christ, many non-profit Christian organizations have been distributing the New International Version (NIV) audio Bible to these villages and donating players that they can use for listening parties. Some of these audio Bibles come in CD format, while others are audio Bible downloads that can be found online and played by MP3 players or iPods.

The new NIV online Bibles and Bibles on CD are also becoming very popular in countries that are more technologically advanced. This is happening because Bibles on CD are convenient to listen to on your daily commute, on airplane rides, while you are winding down for the night or taking your morning run. Online audio Bibles are also a great way to share life-long lessons with small children who cannot read the Bible yet. Some Christian websites even offer NIV online Bible downloads such as Podcasts that can be played on your iPod or MP3 player. These can contain psalms or inspiring scripture readings, and you can sign up to receive a new one every day on your iPod.

Whether you are looking for an NIV Bible online or a Bible CD, there are many available to enhance and inspire your daily life.

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Audio Bibles offer an easy method for spending time with God’s Word in the busiest of schedules. One of the benefits of the audio Bible is that it is available on CD and other digital formats so that it can be played back in a variety of different ways: from your home computer, or a personal CD player or DVD player. With new Internet and digital aural technologies, the audio Bible is now available to the public online in mp3 format. Your children can benefit from all of the digital expertise brought to bear on the Word of God and sharing it with a multitude of people who, for many reasons, are not readers. Very young children, for example, are not at a stage in their development where they are able to read, and can thus benefit from being introduced to the Bible through listening to the children’s Bible in an audio format.

Children learn in predominantly one of three different ways: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Auditory learners learn by hearing new information, while visual learners gain new knowledge by seeing it, and kinesthetic learners are hands-on types who learn by doing. If your child happens to favor the auditory learning style, then sharing the Bible with them in an audio format might be just what they need to make a vital connection to the wisdom found in God’s Word.

Audio children’s bibles share the best of the Bible’s stories from both the Old and New Testaments in a dramatized version, which includes spoken character voices, music and even sound effects, to bring the Bible to life for your child. It also utilizes a child-friendly version of the Bible, which stays true to the meaning of the Bible but utilizes language that a child can understand easily. Another added attraction to audio children’s Bible stories on CD or mp3 is that they also often include songs which are age-appropriate for children and fun to sing.

Podcasts of children’s Bible stories are also beginning to be available on line. What this means is that you can purchase a subscription to the online service, and then have access to a list of all the different podcast episodes available, so you can pick and choose the ones you would like to listen to. They also come in a regularly downloaded time schedule, so that you can add them to your mp3 player for your child to listen to when he or she is on the go. Mp3 digital audio files compress the entire New Testament into a single CD, so there are no bulky books to cart around or find storage space for. The digital audio quality is the highest available, and provides a rich and clear sound of the Bible stories being shared.

Audio bibles for Children were not available when Susan Slobac was growing up. Susan was given the audio Bible on CD as present upon the birth of her first child and has since made it a habit to foster an interest in the Bible through audio Bible study programs offered online. Her children enjoy the mp3 audio Bible, and still look forward to listening nightly to the audio Bible on CD.