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There is a new kid on the block when it comes to circumaural headphones. The latest in a very popular series of headphones is the Audio Technica M50. You can purchase this pair of headphones for about $100. These headphones have improved on the mid-range and treble, and there is also a stronger bass response as well. Albeit these headphones are standalone headphones, headphone amplifiers are great to get the best performance you can get from these headphones. Along with their superb sound quality, the Audio Technica M50 is also very comfortable and is liked by a wide cross-section of people; from the ordinary listener to music professionals, to the DJ’s all around the world. This may very well be the best non-opened set of headphones you can find on the market today.

Your favorite music will have great clarity when you use Audio Technica M50 headphones. Every aspect of these headphones are said to be perfect by their users; the bass, the treble, and just the overall sound quality is said to be really great. There is absolutely no worry with respect to your ears hurting when using the Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones. The Audio Technica M50 is also well known for its capability to pick up on frequency bass that is extremely low. These types of headphones with this feature are normally very expensive, and the ability to pick up on these low frequencies is usually reserved for open headphones, so it is an added bonus that these headphones can accomplish this. These Audio Technica headphones also offer you bass that is crisp and sharp; and what music aficionado wouldnt love this?

The Audio Technica M50 is excellent with respect to sound leakage. You can use it in almost any silent zone without worrying about disturbing other people. Other than being quite comfortable on your ears, it also comes with a collapsible headband that renders it very simple to store when you are travelling with them. They come clad in black-matte and are padded with ear pads that are also black, giving them a sleek, attractive look.

The Audio Technica M50 is attractive to music lovers because of the way it balances prices, comfort level, and sound clarity. Albeit it is not as good as a pair of opened headphones, they are really very close to them quality wise. Their durability, colors, well-balanced sound, as well as their capacity to pick up on stuff that you would not be able to with other models, still make the Audio Technica M50 an excellent choice for music lovers.