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Want a one box solution with built in speakers and amp then get the portable Sonos ZonePlayer S5, its simplicity and superb sound make it an ideal one-box network player. However if you want to use your own speakers and amp then get the ZP90, that will hook up to any equipment, like your home theather system. Most people get a combination, the ZP90 in the living room and a couple of S5s in other rooms around the house.

With Sonos you can to play different music in each room or group rooms together and play the same music on all your devices at the same time. Sonos call this party mode.

You can access millions of songs from a variety of online music stores like Pandora, Napster and Lastfm. Even if you dont actually own the music you want to listen to, you can simply search and play!

Sonos gives you total control, you can play your music wirelessly from the very slick sonos controler, your laptop, or using the free iphone/ipod touch app.

The Kit

You can buy all Sonos items individual to make sure you get the perfect setup for your home. Sonos also sell bundles to get you started in the most cost effective way.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

The S5 wireless music system has 5 integrated speakers and amps that deliver an impressive sound from a single unit. Just like the rest of the Sonos units it can be controlled from your iPhone or iPod Touch with the free app, or via the sonos controller or your laptop.

Its extremely easy to setup, just plug it in any room and enjoy. You can hook up to 32 ZonePlayer S5s together for serious multiroom audio. The S5 can stream internet radio or your own music collection from any computer or NAS drive.

Please note that if this is your only Sonos product you will need either need to hardwire an Ethernet cable into it or purchase the wireless bridge for less than $100.

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP90

The ZonePlayer ZP90 is a non amplified version of the ZP120 base station. It connects to your existing audio equipment like a home theater or stereo system. One ZP90 and a ZP120 are both included in the Sonos Bundle 250, and you can always purchase additional units to expand your wireless music network into more rooms if you wish to.

The ZP90 ZonePlayer was designed for rooms that already have an audio system. You can plug into just about anything from an ipod speaker system to a full surround sound home theater system.

At the back of the ZP90 you will find analog stereo inputs/outputs, two Ethernet connections and two digital audio outputs.

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP120

The Sonos ZP120 is an amplified version of the ZP90, it has a built in 55W per channel amplifier so all you have to do is add speakers, no stereo needed.

The ZP120 has a state of the art digital amplifier that delivers audiophile quality room filling sound. The amplifier has excellent audio quality without crackles, hums or hisses.

This is the newest Sonos ZonePlayer, its very small and compact, the previous model (zp100) was actualy twice its size.

Ratings and Reviews

Sonos is truely an amazing piece of kit, just look at what some these companies are saying about it.
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