Is Subliminal Audio Better Than Hypnosis

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Subliminal messages have been around a long time, not quite as long as hypnosis, but since the sixties and seventies – at least in a form where they were used by the general public.

Subliminals now sit alongside hypnosis as a powerful way of re-wiring the subconscious mind. Becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use; literally all you have to do is play the album and listen – it is hard to go wrong, and you can listen on the move, while studying, and even sleeping – it is pretty much impossible to listen incorrectly. This is the main reason why they are becoming the “new hypnosis” – with hypnosis you have to sit and enter a deep trance, whereas with subliminals you can use them while you get on with your life.

With the results being pretty similar it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to subliminals; for almost anything and everything – improving confidence, boosting memory, developing self esteem, improving health, and even now accelerating results with the law of attraction.

It can be an amazing method of development, but it is still not for everyone – some people wrongly believe that they will be successful without having to do anything else. Sadly, this is not the case – subliminals are not magic, they simply support your goals and give you a boost and the right mindset to succeed.

So they are not for the lazy, but if you are serious about making a change in life and achieving your goals then subliminal messages might work for you – they may just give you that edge you are looking for and a bigger chance of success.