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Audio teleconferencing is the outcome of the introduction of telephone and internet in the business fields. With these services the efficiency of business communications has been improved and has brought a revolution in the whole field of business communication all over the world. These services are covered with several benefits such as communication at lower cost, better voice quality and minimum requirement of traveling for business purposes.

These benefits have made these services one of the most attractive services by organizations from different business sectors and of all sizes.
The web conference calling services are one of the most modern trends in the business sector which are serving business houses of all sizes to grow and do business world wide. Now, it is possible for organizations to make web based audio conference calls with the help of the improved technology. This type of conferencing works on the same way as teleconferencing is done using the usual phone systems.

During a web based audio calling, analogue audio signals are received and then transformed into digital data which is broadcasted over the internet. The conference call done using this technology is known as VoIP conference call. The VoIP technology is the latest one which has helped organizations to improve the business communications with their domestic, as well as, international clients.

However, in order to host or attend a VoIP conference call, an organization requires certain high quality technical equipments. For audio web conferencing, every organization needs three basic things which are a computer system along with a fast internet connection, a conferencing phone system and the software required for making the conference call using the internet.

Organizations should make sure that the web browser which they are using for a web based audio teleconferencing, is equipped with Java and also the internet connection which is being used is at least of a speed of 56 kbps. A dial up connection is not suitable for a smooth web based conferencing. It is better to have the cable or DSL connections.

For perfect audio linking, it is always better to use the VoIP phone systems which are specifically designed for making VoIP calls. The Voice Over Internet Protocol technology sends the voice signals through the internet in a digital format and enables individuals to communicate nationally and internationally at lower costs. Using a comfortable and high quality phone headset and microphone for attending a VoIP conference can further improve the conferencing experience.

Currently organizations have also started to use video conferencing equipment for making a video conference call, which makes the conferencing much more effective and qualitative.