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As many Audiophiles know, there are a wide variety of factors effecting great sound quality. Choice of medium, such as EP or LP and choice of stereo speakers all come to mind.

However, of the myriad questions that cause a stir within the audio/visual community, few are as heated as that of audio cables. Audiophiles and even the casual layman still wonder which audio cables are capable of providing the best sound for their buck. Is it better to go with a super expensive set of cables or will a cheap pair bought off Craigslist suffice?

While there seems to be no concrete answer as to whether high-end or inexpensive cables are better, there are a few things to consider when purchasing cable for your new or old hi-fidelity sound system. The first key to becoming a savvy audio consumer is knowing the difference between high-end and low-end cables in order to make your own informed purchasing decision.

High-end cables are expensive because of the materials used to craft them. A high-end cable is usually made of high purity copper, gold or silver. They can also be oxygen-free and also use high-end connectors. Also, the gauge, or thickness of the wire can contribute to the price as well, as thicker wire cables tend to last longer.

Keep in mind though that even in a double-blind test many audiophiles found it difficult to distinguish between high-end and low-end cable. This does not necessarily mean that there are no differences, only that even to a highly trained ear it may be difficult to detect which cable is able to provide the best sound quality.

So no matter what type of audio interconnect cables you decide to use for your next sound system, make sure that you are informed about your choices for your particular audio needs.