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I have tried to convince many friends to listen to audio books online. This really is not any different to reading a regular book, except that someone else’s voice does the reading for you. Apparently the move from the ‘traditional book’ to a compact disc or mp3 has resulted in a large group of skeptical people who doubt that it is possible to truly appreciate a novel by listening, rather than physically reading. Funnily, it is actually the younger people that are harder to convince to give it a go.

Because my grandmother had grown up listening to stories told on the radio she was more than willing to listen to audio books online – in fact, she found it a pleasure as she could sit quite comfortably, do her cross stitch or even do the gardening while she listens to the recordings. Audio books have been around for a very long time, in fact, many of our grandparents grew up listening to the British Broadcasting Company with its serialized classics. History shows that as early as 1933 an anthropologist J.P. Harrington researched and recorded the oral histories of the Native American tribes.

The American Congress saw a need to provide extra resources for people with sight impairment, and as a result the “Books for the Adult Blind Project” was initiated. This project was the stepping stone for audio books or ‘talking books’ and before long the mass reproduction of them began. In later years the National Library Service provided a much needed public-service for blind citizens across America by recording millions of books in an audio format.

Audio Books and Popular Culture

Massive advancement in technology has driven the audio book online format into the reach of consumers who embraced the development with enthusiasm. It was in the early 1960s when the introduction of the portable cassette player recorder allowed ease of use. This coincided with the ever increasing popularity of the pursuit for self-improvement. This style of recordings, with emphasis on instructional or educational subjects, became very popular. Self-help audio-books were well and truly in vogue and the initiative was expanded to include audio books on a wide variety of general topics such as the humanities.

Audio book recordings became even bigger and quickly a market was created that catered for people wanting to rent popular titles. Listening to audio book online became a multi billion-dollar industry and producers helped the industry grow by introducing high-quality recordings done with large casts of voices.

Today, the audio book concept has embraced leading edge technology which has made the product much more accessible to the general public than ever before. The vast array of product available can now be easily downloaded from the web and its formats incorporated into any digital listening device such as cell phones, MP3 players and iPpods. In view of this modern and cutting edge tools, it is highly likely that the young people of today might even gain an appreciation for a classical author such as Jane Austen or William Shakespeare.

It is ironic that the advent of the audio book online has not fully replaced printed books version but instead has only highlighted the joys of books in general.

Many parents have the opinion that learning through children’s audio books is a great way to learn. It is a great way to learn because it enhances the joy of reading. If you use children’s audio books with your young child believe me, it may very well be increasing a number of his/her developmental skills. Below are a few reasons why children’s audio books are a great learning tool. When children are toddlers, their parents read books to them at bedtime. Children’s audio books can make your life easier because your children can listen to audio books when you don’t have time to read to them. Professional storytellers use their voices to record stories. Children’s audio books project more passion for the story. When children are listening to someone read a story with passion, they show more interest in the story. Children’s audio booksr child to receive the benefits of bedtime stories, then audio books are perfect products to invest in for your children. Children’s audio books have musical scores and sound effects appropriate to the storyline. This holds your child’s attention and helps him/her to visualize the story better. Children’s audio books pronounce words correctly, and you can see your child’s vocabulary start to blossom. Children’s audio books can be put on pause while you and your child discuss what he/she thinks will happen next. Children can also explain how they feel about particular characters. Taking children’s audio books with you when you travel is a great idea. It is much better than putting a non-educational DVD in while on the road with your child. It is important to develop the listening skill of your children at an early age. Children’s audio books indeed teach this skill to your children. Learning to listen as toddlers, through children’s audio books, can help polish their attentiveness later in life. For more information about How Children’s Audio Books Teach Critical Listening and Vocabulary Building Skills Go to children books and music Plus you can download a FREE Special Report: -10 Top Tips Every Parent Must Know!- New World Publishing, LLC gives permission onto republish this article.


Streaming Audio used to be an expensive option for webmasters that made their sites stand out from the crowd. However, due to rapid improvements in technology, streaming audio costs have significantly reduced due to increased broadband penetration and improved streaming software efficiency.

Audio has always proved itself to be an effective tool for branding purposes and for increasing sales conversions on merchant websites. Due to the lower cost of hosting streaming audio solutions, virtually any webmaster can afford to install and host their own audio streaming script.

The main benefits for webmasters associated with streaming audio are:

1. Product conversion rates are increased

Through effectively using audio buttons on a website, customer interaction increases and improves the odds of converting an undecided customer into a paying customer. The more engaged a person is when shopping on your site, the better their shopping experience and the more likely they are to buy and to recommend your products to their friends.

2. Newsletter Subscriptions can increase

Most webmasters who build up subscriber lists are fully aware of the importance of building quality opt-in subscribers as this increases the chance of future sales of related products and services. Streaming audio clips can be included throughout website content that remind visitors about the site newsletter and the benefits of subscribing to it.

3. Existing inventory of products can be increased

If you currently sell any digital download products such as reports or e-books, it is possible to increase existing inventory through adding an audio version if appropriate. This can be added alongside existing products as a separate product or added to existing product to increase your competitive advantage over rivals.

4. Audio testimonials can add real value

Traditional written customer testimonials can serve a useful purpose in helping to convince potential visitors to your site into buying products. However, audio testimonials can add even more weight as it gives a voice to those satisfied customers.

5. Bounce rates are reduced

Adding audio to your website can help reduce bounce rates of website traffic. This improves the perception of usefulness in the eyes of search engines and can help gain more trust in your domain and therefore help stabilize your search engine ranking. It can also help improve site visitor experience by guiding visitors to useful sections within your website that may not otherwise be obvious from the basic navigation structure of your site.

Overall, if your website can actively engage visitors for longer periods of time, it will add more trust in your product or service. Implementing streaming audio can therefore indirectly increase sales conversions as visitors are also more likely to recommend your website to their friends.

You might have spent quite a reasonable sum on your car audio equipment. But have you given some thought to protecting your investment? Yes, you may say. After all, you have a comprehensive car insurance policy in place. But does that really protect your investment completely? Not really! You can take other steps to ensure you protect yourself from loss especially if yours are high end aftermarket audio equipment…

A security system is a must if you’ve spent any reasonable sum on your car audio system. These security systems come in different shapes and shades. You can easily find one that fits into your budget. But wait a minute, if you’ve spent a few thousand dollars on getting the “bestest” in audio equipment, it certainly won’t hurt if you spend a tiny percent to get a solid security system.

As you shop for your security system, ask if the manufacturer provides any form of incentive for using their brand. A number of them will at least cover part of your deductible (That is the amount you must pay from your pocket before the insurance company pays your claims).

Also make sure you don’t attract thieves to your audio equipment. There are certain designs that conceal or camouflage what you have inside. And, please, don’t put flashy stickers on your car. I am told that they are almost equivalent to telling thieving rats that there’s something in your car they’ll like to pick.

Remember to lock your car doors. I know it sounds stupid but believe it or not a lot of folks lose their valuable equipment just because they forgot to lock their car doors. Don’t be in such a hurry that you forget to double check.

Now back to an insurance policy that will take care of you: A comprehensive cover will do just fine if all you’ve got is your factory-fitted system. However, if you have customized things a bit or just replaced your factory head unit with a high end custom stereo then you’ll do well to take an additional policy (a rider) just to cover that.

Does this mean you’ll have to spend some extra after your regular car insurance? It depends! If you learn how to make considerable savings in your car insurance, you can use just a part of it to take a rider. It’s easy and something everyone can do. Furthermore, it doesn’t involve so much time investment but can result in savings of up to $1000.

Ought to concept, anyone or simply power team given the job of this will merely stop trying this whole outsourcing enterprise combined with bring back to in house music typing directly into.An individual thing that helps make a difference and therefore cut down any shopping around focus quantity of one half is definitely settling on kinds of price plan would certainly suit your skills. Furthermore there three major varieties of prices design the music writing programs try each and every value for money machine in accordance with confident indicators.

In actuality, nobody literally functions encompass savings solutions described listed here verbatim.We have to are aware of the basis for any kind of records in different enterprise. We have been mentioning that company right, so what is the most crucial employment in it arena The tasks necessary is to try to convert presented sound data files straight to done and even identified thoughts. You will find certainly a number conflicts on the subject of remodeling mp3 files.
Becoming supplier, it becomes an valuable intent behind american precisely why people desire a level hearable tracks. A new rank music, allow us to know every last term spoken by a interviewers and also game enthusiasts. Because of this your typing job opportunity gets to be a ton faster and additionally noticing down really difficult jargons becomes feasible. It is leads to excellent records, that means big service delivery.
Human reviewers . but set off sub-standard sound experience and work out that audio system hard to see.If you work with a portable, hand-held recording unit, don’t forget that in the event you running keep in mind this close to you will need to talking about, there’s every chance obtaining shuffling and also cotton wool swab noises.Smartphone tracks can generate problems if your internet connection is just not straightforward. Mobile devices are likely to be a bad idea as there is really a number of inactive, misplaced terms, or possibly even decreased voice messages.

Audio transcription is the term refers to transcribe audio files into text format. In simple words, it is a process of translating audio speeches into error FREE word format is called audio transcription. Generally audio files are in digital format such as wav, au, mp3 and some of in magnetic tapes and cassette format.

Audio transcription services is a powerful tool to converting any kind of voice files, tapes, diskette into text version as per your business needs. Moreover, today most of business, organization, individuals or group of individual required these kinds of audio transcription services.

Following businesses mostly required audio transcription services:

Media professionals, journalists
Financial, legal and law firms
Lawyers and patent attorneys
Book authors, researchers, online blogger and students
University, schools and academic institutions
Immigration judges, insurance adjusters
Publishing organization, police departments
Estate agents, letting agents, inventory companies
Small business, entrepreneurs, sole traders
Market research organizations
Other public relation companies

However, digital audio transcription is a key step in the behind the scene world of advanced technology. Audio transcription is growing services for clients all over the world because its simple to write down all the significant substances without using any kind of msn power.

Do you have following speeches recorded in audio and need to convert these audio file into text files?

Business meetings, conferences, teleconferences
Articles, lectures, forums, reports, manuscripts, podcasts
Seminars, teleseminars, webinars
Discussion and private conversion
Interviews, focus groups
Dictations, depositions
Radio and TV talk shows
Other audio tapes, cassette and files

In addition, audio restoration and noise reduction services for a variety of digital media can also included in audio transcription services.

Moreover, to get quick, high quality, accurate and error FREE audio transcription solutions outsourcing is profitable option for your business. To improve your business efficiency, productivity then outsource your audio transcription needs to reliable transcription company to cut down your operating costs.

At last, transcribe your audio files into word transcripts with quality and accuracy outsourcing is the only cost-effective options.

A truly remarkable approach to sharing the powerful Word of God has been made available to the world due to the application of modern technology to solve a communication dilemma: how do you share God’s Word with people who cannot, or will not, read? The solution: the audio Bible. The Bible says that “Faith comes by hearing,” and through utilizing the power of audio technology, people around the globe can be exposed to the life-changing knowledge that comes from hearing the Word of God.

For those looking for a small and easily portable audio version of the Bible, audio Bible Downloads used with an MP3 Audio Bible would work well. This version of the Bible can be downloaded onto your mp3 player, a tiny audio playback device that is about the size of a pack of chewing gum. The audio Bible mp3 format gives you a way to take your Bible study with you to listen to when you work out, as you commute in your car to and from work, while you ride the bus or train, or any other time you have free time that could be spent in a profitable way. Parents with small children will find that there are occasions when you are watching your children during nap times that you find yourself in need of a quiet activity, and this can be a great opportunity for using an mp3 audio bible with ear phones so as not to wake the children. You will likely be amazed at how much reading you can get done in the course of a day when you listen to the Book instead of picking up a hard copy.

The Bible comes in audio versions appropriate for children to use as well. Kids love new technologies, and if you give them the Bible on an mp3 player, they will likely find it to be “cool,” and will be more inclined to listen.

If you have a computer, there are several versions of the audio Bible on CD, or compact disc. These can be played on your computer’s CD drive, and listened to through your computer’s speakers. If you have children, you will be happy to know that there are Childrens’ Bible Stories on audio CD available, so you can be sure there is something wholesome for them to listen to on the computer.

Those involved in missions to third-world countries without reliable electricity service know that electronic device use there can be dicey. There are audio playback devices that have been built to run on solar power, so as long as there is sunlight to recharge the battery, people can listen to the Word of God in their specific native language. There are green units that provide digital-quality sound using solar power that provide enough volume that groups as large as 300 people can gather to listen. The audio bible is a great gift to the world, who might not otherwise be able to learn about the powerful message held in God’s Word.

As a mother of two small children, Susan Slobac finds the MP3 audio Bible appropriate for her children to use. She uses the audio Bible on CD to listen to in her car. Susan finds the technology of the audio Bible fascinating and encourages her fellow Church members to take advantage of the many uses for the online audio Bible.

Audio to Text conversion is useful for providing an alternative medium for target audiences that are not able to digest the recorded audio. People with hearing disabilities are the marjor users for this audio to text conversion.

Other cases involves audience that are non-native speakers of the recorded mediums language. Nowadays, most users require audio to be converted to text for posting in their websites. This allows search engines to index the material and return the results in search engine pages. This increases web site traffic.

Tips on how to convert Audio to Text:

1. Use Good audio.
If you are doing the recording, try getting it done in a quiet space. Never do an interview in a cafe! The ambient sounds will kill your accuracy! If you must, do it inside your car with the windows up!

2. Use Digital Voice recorders.

The quality improvements are amazing! Best of all, most DVR now supports saving the audio in common formats like mp3 and WMA (windows media). I like using olympia recorders. You can check out digital voice recorder here. The MP3 and WMA formats use compression technology to make the file size smaller compared to CD format.

3. Enhancing Audio.
Lets face it. Not all of your audio will have clear audio quality sounds. You may have to enhance it by processing it thru noise filters, amplifying some sgements, or equalizing sounds to get better auido quality. In this scenario, I recommend using WavePad sound editor from NCH.

4. Try audio to text software.
Try Dragon Speaking naturally from Nuance. The downside is that it needs a bit of training for it to work. You still need to do manual editing afterwards, but if you train correctly, you should get 85% accuracy or even higher!

5. Do it manually with aids.
You need a good audio player with stop, rewind and fastforward features. I recommend using NCHs express scribe. Express scribe also supports foot pedals so you can use your feet to do the audio rewind, fast forward, stop and start functions!

6. Increase your typing speed.
If you want to increase your typing speed, check out Mavis Beacon Typing software!

7. Review, review, review.
You need to go back and review it at least 2 times to get better accuracy. You will be surprised by the amount of improvements you can make to the audio to text conversion.

8. Use Software Tools!
Microsoft Words spelling checker tool also checks for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Another nifty tool is the Find and Replace feature. You can use this to remove double spaces and convert them into single space.

9. Use a common style
Check out Transcription Style rules to find out the industry standard in transcribing audio to text.

10. Use search engines!
Some key terms need to be researched and confirmed. Use the power of the internet. Google it! (or!)

These tips are by no means all inclusive. Id love to hear from you. If you have tips of your own, please share them and the community will thank you for it!