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Audio visual or AV installations are on the rise with both the business and domestic market realising the benefits of bespoke AV systems. Standard systems can be installed but a bespoke system is completely tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.
The first stage in any project is to establish a brief with the client, including what functionality is expected from the system and any budgetary constraints that may exist. From there the audio visual installation consultant will draw up a system specification and layout diagrams if necessary, along with a detailed quotation setting out all of the costs involved. It is very important to instruct a company that will liaise with architects/building contractors as well as electricians and any other on site contractors. Communication and co-operation with building trades during installations is essential in order to achieve the best possible installation. The range of equipment and systems available is vast in todays market.

Audio visual systems are installed in a wide variety of situations. A few examples are: museums, schools, conferencing and meeting rooms, exhibitions, events, bars, clubs, film festivals and even mobile AV installations in vans. Each situation listed has a different specification and requirement. Bars and clubs will require a system quite different to that of a museum installation for example. For businesses, the latest technology that comes with bespoke audio visual systems greatly improves working conditions, professionalism and productivity.

Domestic environments are also places where there is a need for design and installation of bespoke AV systems, from a simple plasma screen on the wall through to whole-house audio and video. Home cinema systems are becoming very popular and with todays technology can be discretely installed to complement the surrounding decor, with exciting features such as concealed projectors and screens, touchscreen remote controls and in-wall speakers.

When searching for a audio visual services contractor it is important to check that a full Health & Safety policy is available to view and that the policy is adhered to by the installation engineers. Method statements and Risk Assessments should be produced for every job which requires work off-site. Engineers should be PASMA qualified for work at height using scaffold towers and that any electrical work carried out is done so in accordance with BS7671 and NICEIC certificated.

If you come from the generation that inevitably had a cassette tape Walkman clipped to their belt, then you know all too well that audio cassettes enjoyed more than 30 years or so as a popular medium for storing music. They had practical applications for many businesses as well and were also used for computer storage. They were small, cost effective and easy to use when it came down to recording audio of any kind from music to lectures and dictation – even important news events.

The downside to cassette tapes is that they’re fragile. Not only were the plastic cases easily damaged due to physical factors (dropping, crush damage, cracks) the tape and the plastic shell were susceptible to environmental factors like heat and moisture that could cause serious damage – often rendering a tape unplayable.

Like many things, time is the nemesis of magnetic tape. While an aged shell is an easy fix, aged tape presents a major problem when it comes to the audio that’s stored on it. Not all damaged cassette tapes need to be discarded however. There’s a variety of damage that can be easily fixed by a professional service.

Broken Shells – The broken shell is a common damage issue when it comes to cassette tapes. In many cases it looks like the tape is completely destroyed – especially if the spool is broken and the tape is a bit unwound. Thankfully a professional service can easily remount the tape for you using their equipment. You can even have the audio transferred to a new format to avoid future mishaps if you so choose.

Unreeled Tape – The nightmare of the era was having your tape deck “eat” your tape. The tape would be pulled out of the cassette and when you tried to remove the cassette from the player it would inevitably spill out of your tape deck in a hopeless pile. Some of us have the patience to try and slowly wind the tape back up.

Curled and cinched Tape – How do you deal with the wrinkled, curled and folded over accordion looking tape? Even if it’s crumpled or broken tape repair professionals can often fix these types of issues with the help of certain equipment and software. Of course, the software is something that would be used only after the audio was transferred to a digital format. However, when nothing else can be done to fix the tape, audio restoration software can often give you an improved digital file or CD of your recording.

Keeping Your Cassette Tapes Like New

There are a variety of repair services and methods to restore old, damaged cassette tapes. Some are as simple as swapping out damaged shells and remounting the tape while others require respooling, replacement of internal parts and even special chemicals or processes to clean the tape or even bake it in a special oven to temporarily deal with bonding issues.

Whatever the issue, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid trying to fix cassette tapes on your own – especially if you have a recording of great importance. Let a professional handle the cassette repair and transfer the audio to a digital format. This way you not only get your original recording back (in most cases) but you’ll have a digital recording to act as a backup, ensuring that you don’t need to rely on the master copy for regular play.

Tired of looking for the solutions for stopping the Are we there yet? questions? Looking for an educative modern method that will make your children pleased? The solution might be audio books. Find out in the following article, the benefits and uses of audio books for children.

Audio books for children are actually audio versions of childrens books. You may think of audio books for children as a perfect way to pass the time at home or when traveling. Your child may listen to the audio book using a mobile device as a CD player to listen to audio books on CD, an MP3 player to listen to downloaded audio books or a walkman to listen to books on tape.

The narration is done by the author or by a professional actor (In some audio books for children there are several actors). In some audio books there is music or sound effects. So what are the benefits of getting your child the latest Harry Potter audio book? Well, Listening to audio books broadens the vocabulary, teaches correct pronunciation, develops the imaginations of your child, encourages the child to read other books of the author and more than all makes your child happy. Encourage your children to listen to audio books that they can not read yet think of the audio books as an expansion of the old fashion books and as a substitute.

Most of the audio books for children in the market are professional but yet it is recommended to listen to a few minutes of the audio book before getting a new audio book. Listen to the reader Is his voice pleasant, is it clear, is the music or sound effect in the audio book suits the story, may it be scary. Some of the best sellers audiobooks for children are Harry Potter audio books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Little House on the Prairie and more.

One of the features that goes a long way in increasing the popularity of car manifold is car audio or car stereo. Indeed, its absence from these glorious machines robs their sheen to a great extent. It wouldn’t be a misnomer to state that if car audio is not fitted in the cars than there would be very few takers. It is precisely for this reason that rarely their is a company that comes out with a car which lacks this super utility object. Now the question that arises is that what is it that makes car audio so well liked by people.

Well answer to this is very simple. With a car audio or car stereo around travelling never remains boring. Longest of journeys are rarely felt as people remain glued to their favourite music or songs while the destination comes closer and closer. It is also a very good means to burst stress while driving. In fact, it would be better to state that with car audio around one never feels bored and is invariably in high spirits for the entire length of his journey.

Then again it is not that one can use car audio or car stereo only as a device for entertainment. For the truth is that it can be used as a device to remain abreast with the happenings around. One can also listen to such important piece of information like the presentation of budget or a discussion on it. One can also listen to one’s favourite programme or the commentary of one’s favourite soccer match.

With so many outstanding advantages of car audio or car stereo it should not come as a surprise to anyone that why is its popularity so high. In fact, its popularity can be understood from the fact that several new designs of car audio are introduced every year. With its popularity showing no signs of decreasing it can easily be said that coming days would see even better and sophisticated versions of car audio introduced in the market. Coming days are definitely very good for the fans of car audio.

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to circumaural headphones. The latest in a very popular series of headphones is the Audio Technica M50. You can purchase this pair of headphones for about $100. These headphones have improved on the mid-range and treble, and there is also a stronger bass response as well. Albeit these headphones are standalone headphones, headphone amplifiers are great to get the best performance you can get from these headphones. Along with their superb sound quality, the Audio Technica M50 is also very comfortable and is liked by a wide cross-section of people; from the ordinary listener to music professionals, to the DJ’s all around the world. This may very well be the best non-opened set of headphones you can find on the market today.

Your favorite music will have great clarity when you use Audio Technica M50 headphones. Every aspect of these headphones are said to be perfect by their users; the bass, the treble, and just the overall sound quality is said to be really great. There is absolutely no worry with respect to your ears hurting when using the Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones. The Audio Technica M50 is also well known for its capability to pick up on frequency bass that is extremely low. These types of headphones with this feature are normally very expensive, and the ability to pick up on these low frequencies is usually reserved for open headphones, so it is an added bonus that these headphones can accomplish this. These Audio Technica headphones also offer you bass that is crisp and sharp; and what music aficionado wouldnt love this?

The Audio Technica M50 is excellent with respect to sound leakage. You can use it in almost any silent zone without worrying about disturbing other people. Other than being quite comfortable on your ears, it also comes with a collapsible headband that renders it very simple to store when you are travelling with them. They come clad in black-matte and are padded with ear pads that are also black, giving them a sleek, attractive look.

The Audio Technica M50 is attractive to music lovers because of the way it balances prices, comfort level, and sound clarity. Albeit it is not as good as a pair of opened headphones, they are really very close to them quality wise. Their durability, colors, well-balanced sound, as well as their capacity to pick up on stuff that you would not be able to with other models, still make the Audio Technica M50 an excellent choice for music lovers.

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Technology advances at lightening speed. You blink and there is something new on the horizon. Sometimes, it’s challenging to keep up, but when it comes to home audio & theatre, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of accessible and affordable technology to help create a cutting-edge, comfortable and streamlined experience.

2013 has many exciting developments in store on the home theatre front and as experts in home theatre setup, design and support, we wanted to share some of those trends with our readers.

1. Seamless wireless integration

Airplay is an Apple functionality that allows you to stream music or video through your entire house, wirelessly. This technology can be integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers and stereo systems so that your iTunes playlists can be enjoyed in any room with the click of a button. And while most AirPlay products were somewhat pricey in 2011-2012, there is some expectation that prices will come down in 2013.

But if wireless isn’t in your budget, you can give the impression of a streamlined, wireless system by strategically concealing all back-end power sources with a clean and tidy cable management approach. Cable management is the practice of using small and specialized cable ties and devices to hide cables from view and keep your home looking beautiful. Cable management can be extensive, used in larger server installations in businesses, or while building large homes. Cable management options can also be inexpensive and easy to undertake. Vendors such as Ikea or Best Buy offer many cable management devices for home use.

2. Bye-bye discs

It used to be that streaming video was the way of the future – the future is now.

While DVD and Blu-ray players still exist (and will for some time), more and more, consumers are demanding streaming functionality. Content streaming services continue to expand. Rogers on Demand offers more, Netflix invested heavily in its content in 2012, iTunes has an ever-expanding library, and all offer you entertainment when you want it. We can set up your Apple TV and integrate it with your Netflix or iTunes library so that you can stream any movie to any enabled screen in your home.

3. Multi room home audio

Imagine your favorite music, vibrant and clear, played softly or loudly in any room you choose, throughout your home. A strategically planned multi-room, multi-speaker home audio system is the ultimate in flexibility. And it is entirely possible in 2013.

All of your music is stored in one location (like your iPad, for instance) and we set up your audio system so that your favorite tunes can be transferred from your living room to your kitchen and even to your bathroom with the click of a single button. Enjoy bass thumping beats in the basement while you exercise, then switch to classical playing softly in the background while you work in your home office, and later, some sing along oldies while you prepare and cook dinner in the kitchen. Whole home audio amplifies joy in your life! The music to your ears is just a phone call away!

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